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Before Double Down, everything hurt or just didn't feel right. Now I don't use up all of my mental energy dealing with what doesn't feel right. I get through each day balanced and ready for all sorts of challenges. It is a great feeling.


I started taking Double Down CBD 6 months after my knee replacement. I had never even considered using CBD prior. The first day I took it, I slept through the night for the first time since my surgery. I’ve also had tremendous relief of my migraine headaches. Its effectiveness exceeds my wildest expectations.


I have Fibromyalgia. I have tried every med. known to man to get rid of this pain. Then I tried DoubleDownCBD! I have tried other brands that did not work and that tasted so bad that even if it would of worked I would not be able to take it. Some of the tinctures I tried were WHITE! What kind of process did that plant go through to be taken from it’s beautiful green color to white!?I am able to do the simple daily things pain free now because of DoubleDownCBD. For so many years I have suffered pain while washing my dishes, sweeping my floors, grocery shopping, any physical activity. Fibromyalgia effects you 24/7. It stops you from having a life. I wish there was a way I could let everyone with pain about how amazing this CBD is! I would say that if you have tried other CBD’s and think that they are all the same...they are not! Try DoubleDownCBD!


I’ve been a woman of many ailments for most of my life. Being on many different pharmaceuticals for pain and anxiety, nothing felt like it helped without doing some other type of harm. I’ve tried other CBD products on the market and I couldn’t quite experience the benefits that I had heard about. When I tried Double Down for the first time, I was in instant relief. The texture and taste was unlike anything I had tried before, it tasted like it had been pulled right from the earth. It’s potent and organic taste directly correlates to the immediate effect it had on my pain and anxiety. I take it daily, nightly and as needed. I experience a lot of headaches and every time I have one, I take a drop of double down and can literally feel the headache dissipating. I love this product so much and am deeply grateful for it


I have tried many CBD products to try to aid sleep. Many have a distinctly unpleasant flavour and none have suited me well. With many, I'd wake feeling groggy and dulled. I discovered Double Down CBD just recently and find it to be, by far, the most palatable flavour. Now, for the first time, I am able to sleep through the night. I wake feeling fresh and unaffected by any after effects. I must say I now feel mended!


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