High Potency Extraction

Patent Pending Process
Our dedication to produce the best and purest products has led us to the invention of a patent-pending extraction technique for CBD and CBG.

We use no chemicals, alcohol, solvents or CO2 in the extraction process. We only use two high quality ingredients organic hemp flower and organic glycerin. We use no other additives or dilution in the process. This is how we define pure.

Our products are hand crafted in small batches. Our patent pending processing equipment gently extracts the rich CBD and CBG through a process of heat, pressure and slow cooling. In addition, we repeat this process adding more flower to obtain higher potency.

Producing our own products enables us to tightly control potency, purity and quality. Every batch is tested by an independent, accredited lab and the comprehensive testing report is available on our website and via the QR code on the package.

In summary:

  • Maximum potency with zero dilution
  • No chemicals, alcohol or solvents
  • Hand crafted in small batches to tightly control potency, purity and quality