Better Absorption

Water Soluble

The adult human body content is 60% water and therefore has difficulties breaking down products containing oil. Therefore, CBD that is made with oil, like olive or palm oil, has an absorption rate of only 5-10%. This means, every time you take CBD made with oil you lose 80-95% of the CBD, because it is not absorbed by your body and is being destroyed by your stomach acid and by enzymes in your liver.

We at Double Down use organic glycerin for our extracts making them water soluble. That means every mg of CBD and CBG of our products will be immediately absorbed by your body and providing 100% of all the goodness.

In addition, glycerin itself comes with a many health benefits like promoting hydration and physical performance.

Our water soluble, oil free extracts offer endless possibilities to be added to drinks and foods and are ideal for cooking and baking. They are also very stable and come with a long shelf-life

In summary:

  • Immediate effectiveness
  • CBD 100% available to your body
  • Endless possibilities to use in drinks and foods