Why Our CBD Extracts Naturally Taste So Good

Why Our CBD Extracts Naturally Taste So Good

Many people ask, “what does CBD extract taste like?” and get an array of answers from “bitter” to “burned” to “earthy”.  There are many different reactions to hemp’s natural flavor, some love it and some simply cannot stand it. So, is hemp really just like cilantro?

The answer to the taste question is not that simple and unlike cilantro depends on many aspects of the building blocks used to make a CBD extract. Every ingredient plays a crucial role on how it will taste at the end and how it is made can also significantly influence the final flavor profile.

We often hear our users say “wow, this tastes so good!” and here we try to explain to those curious why Double Down CBD extracts taste so naturally delicious.

We do not add any artificial or natural flavors

At Double Down we strive to keep our products as pure as possible. Even though artificial or natural flavors are not per se harmful they also do not add any nutritional value or wellness benefits.

Transparency and safety of all ingredients used in Double Down products is part of our philosophy and very important to us.  When a flavor ingredient is labeled “natural” it does not mean that it is just made of the named fruit or herb but rather that it is coming from a natural source. A natural orange flavor for example is not necessarily pressed and zested from an actual orange but can also contain extracts from bark or grass to manage cost and consistency of the flavor additive. Even though “natural” sounds so much healthier, the process of making natural and artificial flavors is actually not that different. While natural flavors are designed by extracting chemicals from natural ingredients, artificial flavors are made by creating the same chemicals synthetically.

The other great thing about Double Down products is that they are water soluble. If you prefer a particular flavor with your CBD we recommend combining our extracts with your favorite food or drink. That will not only give you the real, most natural flavor but also a peace of mind of what you put into your body.

We do not use oil or sweeteners

Many different types of oils, like palm, olive or MCT, are used as carrier agents to make CBD oils. But oils can leave a bitter and by many perceived as an unpleasant taste that often is disguised by adding flavors or sweeteners. Double Down does not use any oils, we only use organic glycerin. Glycerin is naturally mild and sweet in taste, but it is not metabolized as sugar in the body and doesn’t cause a rise in blood sugar, making it a better choice for diabetics and low-carb dieters. Glycerin also adds additional health benefits to our product like promoting hydration and increase physical performance.

We only use terpene rich hemp flowers

Double Down CBD extracts are made using only organic hemp flower and neither stalks nor seeds. Stalks and seeds can carry forward bitter flavors, but the main reason is that hemp flowers are high in natural terpenes. Terpenes are an organic compound and are responsible for the plant’s taste. In general, the higher the terpene count in the flower the more flavorful it becomes. Terpenes have also many therapeutic uses and are said to enhance the overall beneficial effect of cannabinoids. CBD products that use CBD isolates instead of plant matter do not contain any natural terpenes and therefore lack the natural flavor they deliver.

Overall hemp ingredients are also very susceptible to oxidation and need to be handled carefully to not end up with rancidity which gives the product the unpleasant bitter aftertaste. Due to our strict processing our products are very stable preserving the natural flavor.

We take our time at low temperatures

Have you ever tasted a burned cake or unsuccessfully tried to rescue toast by scraping off the dark bits? Then you understand what people mean by “burned” taste. Extracting full spectrum CBD requires heat to transform the cannabidolic acid CBDa present in the hemp plant into CBD, a process called decarboxylation. Key to this process is to apply just the right temperature and time. Applying too much heat to rush the process can literally end up with a bitter taste.  At Double Down we take our time, because we know faster is not better. Our extraction technique uses lower temperatures that lengthen the decarboxylation process and retain the delicate, natural terpenes of the hemp flower. As mentioned before terpenes are the flavor carriers and we are able bring out all their delicious goodness and wellness benefits.

All our ingredients are organic, pesticide and solvent free

Can you taste organic? Many food experts and chefs do believe that organic foods tend to taste better. Recent experiments with wines have shown that humans can actually identify pesticides by taste and generally describe a “drying” and “bitterness” taste. Most of us have been exposed to that same sensation by non-organic apples and other vegetables. Double Down uses organic products that are pesticide free. Our hemp flower is grown on a small, family farm in Oregon where it is nurtured with great care.

The use of CO2, alcohol or chemicals as solvents in the extraction process can also be responsible to shift the flavor profile of the final CBD product. Double Down’s patent-pending extraction process works with only heat, cooling and pressure and does not use anything to inhibit or change the natural flavor.

These are some of the many reasons why Double Down extracts taste naturally delicious. We believe you will taste the difference.